Modulprim vault room

Vault room in modular construction. It is a modern construction system made of industrially manufactured elements that are assembled on site.

This construction system has a number of advantages compared to massive vault room construction:

  • Thin walls provide a large useful volume.
  • Possibility to install a vault room on the upper floors of a new building or to convert any existing space into a vault room.
  • The Modulprim elements are welded together during assembly, giving the construction its compactness. However, it is still possible to disassemble the whole structure and move it to a new location.
  • Very short construction time of the vault room.
Modulprim vault room
European standards and different safety levels
Modulprim vault rooms comply with the high European standard EN 1143-1 and the Slovenian standard SIST EN 1143-1, which define burglar-resistant security levels based on burglar-resistance grades. A choice of different security levels is possible.
Certified quality
The Modulprim system has been tested by the Verband der Schadenversicherer (VdS) Cologne (Germany) accredited testing laboratory and has received all relevant certificates. The VdS label on the products confirms that they are of high quality, have been properly tested, and that production is controlled.

Table of certified Modulprim vault room models

Model EN 1143-1 resistance grade Standard Optional
Wall thickness [mm] Weight / m² [kg] Wall thickness [mm] Weight / m² [kg]
MODULPRIM N N / 30 RU 55 60 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 1 I / 50 RU 55 70 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 2 II / 80 RU 70 200 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 3 III / 120 RU 70 200 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 4 IV / 180 RU 70 200 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 5 V / 270 RU 70 200 55 196
MODULPRIM 6 VI / 400 RU 85 270 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 7 VII / 600 RU 100 330 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 8 VIII / 825 RU 135 480 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 9 IX / 1050 RU 150 530 125 450
MODULPRIM 9 CD IX CD/10000 RU 125 480 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 10 X/1350 RU 150 530 N/A* N/A*
MODULPRIM 10 CD X CD/10000 RU 150 560 N/A* N/A*

*We offer standard only.

Elements of Modulprim vault rooms

  1. Ceiling and floor elements

    The length of the elements or slats is expected to be up to approx. 3000 mm, with additional loads on the ceiling elements of approx. 100 kg/m². Longer spans are possible with additional ceiling beams and support columns. Special requests are handled individually.

  2. Construction of elements (slats)

    Double-walled infill made of special reinforced armouring. Sheet metal casing. Easy installation of internal linings.

  3. Internal linings

    The inside of the elements is metal and painted with a primer (provided by the manufacturer). Further processing by arrangement and selection.

    The floor linings of your choice can be glued. Wall linings of choice (plasterboard, wood or metal slats) are attached to purpose-fitted profiles. Ceiling linings or suspended ceilings are attached to purpose-built profiles.

  4. Cable ducts

    All elements have two cable openings, each with an internal diameter of 20 mm. The primary purpose of the openings is to simplify cable installation. The secondary purpose of the openings is to simplify the transport and assembly of the elements.

  5. Ventilation

    For ventilation (forced ventilation), a certified system with an opening of 250x60 mm and a ventilation box is integrated in the wall element, on the inside. A ventilation device (fan, ventilation system) can be connected from the outside.

  6. Vault doors

    Standard version with optional lock. Optionally, an additional day door (see brochure "Vault doors") is available.

  7. Aeration

    For aeration, a certified system of ventilation openings (natural ventilation) with a cross-section of approx. 150 cm² is integrated in the wall elements at the top or bottom. The number of ventilation systems is determined by the size of the vault room.

  8. External cladding

    Treatment according to the client's choice. Cladding in plasterboard, wood or metal slats. No external cladding on existing walls (slats).

  9. EMA burglar alarm system

    Pre-preparation for the installation of the components of an automatic burglar alarm system.

Elements of Modulprim vault rooms

Modulprim vault room interior

The interior design of the vault room is tailored to the customer's requirements and wishes. We offer:

  • vault doors in different security levels, with different types of locks,
  • daily doors in different designs,
  • safe deposit boxes for rent,
  • metal cabinets and racks,
  • discreet cabins for customers;

Design and construction of Modulprim vault rooms

Primat's experts will advise you and design your desired vault room in detail. In addition, we will supply and assemble it with all the necessary tools and accessories. All we ask of you is to provide the facility with electricity.

Construction of a Modulprim vault room

Construction of a Modulprim vault room Construction of a Modulprim vault room Construction of a Modulprim vault room

Construction of a Modulprim vault room Construction of a Modulprim vault room Construction of a Modulprim vault room