Weapon cabinets

Strong and robust cabinets for the safe storage of long-barrelled weapons.

The perfect choice for individuals, hunting clubs, police stations, military barracks and similar establishments where there is a need for safe and secure storage of weapons.

Weapon cabinets

Why do we need weapon cabinets?

Weapons and ammunition must be handled with extreme care. Particular care in the handling of weapons is reflected in their proper and professional use, carrying, transporting and, last but not least, storing.

The Arms Act dictates that weapons must be kept out of the reach of unauthorised persons. Weapons must be kept locked and kept separate from ammunition, unless the weapon and ammunition are stored in a fireproof cabinet, safe or in a specially secured area.

Primat weapon cabinets meet all regulations for the safe storage of weapons and are an excellent choice for individuals and institutions that own weapons.

Selection of weapon cabinets and safes Primat: