Tips for choosing cabinets and racks

Document storage in cabinets

Archive, filing and refractory cabinets

We need to put documents that are important to us or our business in a safe and secure place. Archive cabinets are designed to keep binders and other forms of document filing organised and transparent. They are complemented by refractory cabinets, which keep your documents safe in the event of a fire. Choose from different levels of fire protectionFiling cabinets are available as a space-saving solution for the transparent storage of files.

All cabinets are available in different dimensions and with different locking options. You will be surprised by how spacious they are and how well they balance the size of your documents with the amount you can store.

AO-DV archive cabinet

Document storage on racks

Fixed racks and archive shelving

For the storage of documents in binders or other forms of storage, fixed racks and archive shelving are available. Aesthetically and functionally designed components allow easy and quick assembly.

The perfect solution for your space!

Fixed rack

Wardrobe equipment

Metal lockers are the perfect solution for making the most of your space. They are designed for storing clothes and personal items in workshops, changing rooms in gyms and sports centres.

Different designs and options for additional shelves and fixed dividers are available.

Primat metal lockers
Compartment lockers are a smaller version of metal lockers. They are characterised by a greater number of doors by height. They are designed for storing a smaller number of personal items in schools, shopping centres, community rooms, etc.
Primat compartment lockers

Storage of cleaning utensils

Cabinets for cleaning products Cabinets for cleaning products are designed to store a variety of cleaning equipment and utensils clearly and safely. They can be placed in the utility room at home or in commercial areas where work equipment is stored.

Cabinet for cleaning products

Storage of chemicals and hazardous substances

To safely store chemicals and other hazardous substances, we have developed a specialised cabinet for chemicals, whose features carefully protect substances that could pose a hazard if not handled properly.

Cabinet for chemicals

Warehouse racks

We have put together a wide range of racks to optimise the use of office, archive, library and other storage space.

Primarak racks are suitable for storing light and medium loads. The high quality construction ensures stability, reliability and durability of the product, while the prefabricated design allows the racking units to be assembled as required.

Primarak rack
Cantilever racks are suitable for the storage of profiles, tubes and similar bar stock.
Primat cantilever rack
Pallet racks are suitable for storing pallets and impress with their easy assembly and no-screw shelving. They are available in different lengths and profile types.
Primat pallet racks

Storage of weapons

Strong and sturdy weapon cabinets are the perfect choice for safely storing long-barrelled weapons. They are designed for individuals, hunting clubs, police stations, military barracks and other institutions that need safe and secure storage for weapons.

Weapon cabinets