Panic room

A reinforced room installed in your home. A space where you can withdraw to, be safe, and survive.

If threatening intruders break in, panic rooms Primat offer a safe refuge for the inhabitants of a house for the time required for the authorities to intervene. These armoured rooms, covered in bulletproof steel are designed to be easily accessible in case of an emergency and also contain the heart of the house’s electronic security system.

Panic room

Benefits of panic room solutions:

  • A box in the box: room with 6 sides reinforced for security, attached to the building or not.
  • Easy installation: panels are simple to assemble, without entailing any major work or dust.
  • "Light" armoured product: easy to place on the floor, no reinforcement needed.
  • Panic room can be dismantled, moved, adjusted and reassembled.
  • Integration into any kind of interior thanks to the personalised cladding and high-quality finishes.
  • Product offering certified and guaranteed protection: European standards for ballistic protection (up to maximum level FB7 - EN 1522-1523) and forced entry protection (up to maximum level RC6 - EN 1627-1630).
Construction of a panic room
Construction of a panic room
Panic room
Panic room

The centrepiece of your security system

In addition to providing security for you and your family, panic rooms Primat also represent the heart of your house's security system. They include:

  • alarm activation facility, internal and external siren in the event of any act of aggression,
  • standalone communication facility with outside,
  • direct contact with a control room (which immediately dispatches law enforcement agents),
  • video monitoring of the whole house.

Panic room basic performance features

EN 1627-1630

- Available from class RC2 to RC6
- A2P Certified for the performances RC3, RC4 and RC5
- Tests by CNPP and the CSTC

Can be combined with bullet-proof performances features FB3 to FB7 and AK47.

EN 1143-1

- Available from class I to V
- ECB-S Certified for class V
-Tests by CNPP

We also offer concrete vault rooms for all classes.

EN 1522-1523

- Available from FB3 to FB7 and AK47
- Tests by the Laboratory of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium and Banc National d’Epreuve de Saint-Etienne (France)

Can be combined with burglar-resistance levels RC4 and RC5.

IEEE 299-2006

Available insulation performances ranging from 50dB to 80-100dB for frequencies from 9KHz to 18GHz.

Can be combined with burglar-resistance levels from RC2 to RC6 and with bullet-proof levels from FB3 to FB7.

Option: A "safe room"

Optionally, a safe room can be hidden in the panic room. It is intended to protect valuables in the house and can accommodate items of all dimensions and volumes: jewellery, works of art, collection pieces, vehicles, IT equipment, high-tech equipment, confidential archives, cash, etc.

The safe room offers forced entry protection and is always closed, with access controlled via mechanical and/or electronic means (keypad, voice recognition, fingerprints, iris etc.)