Our mission:

We meet our clients' most demanding needs with the aim of safekeeping their property.

The mission defines the long-term reason for the company's existence and indicates how the company will approach or achieve its vision.

At Primat, we meet the most demanding needs of our customers for secure storage of their assets with our competence in development and production, and innovative solutions in the field of security equipment.

Our vision:

To become the primary partner for solutions to protect valuables.

A vision is an image, an idea of the company in the future. It is a projection into the future, motivationally charged, challenging, clear, attractive, imbued with values that are focused on the needs of employees, business partners and customers. Such a vision provides creative motivation and, when employees are its co-creators and realisers, their loyalty to the company.

Our current and future focus is to strengthen our position as one of the leading global manufacturers of security equipment solutions.

This means that our vision is focused:

  • on customers, to whom we provide innovative security solutions to the highest standards, quickly and responsively;
  • on sustainable development of the company and the business environment as a whole, based on our own innovative development (we are a strategic development partner) and the continuous improvement of our operational efficiency and the digitalisation of our production and business processes - as well as by acting responsibly and taking care of the overall business environment in which we operate;
  • on the needs of our employees, providing them with a safe, creative and engaging work environment.

Our values:

Cooperation, respect, care for the environment, trust and excellence.

Values define what is important and what is not, and what are the guiding principles that bind us together. Values are categories of concepts that we value, or beliefs about what is good or right and worth striving for. Values are the expression of our goals, which reflect the development of our target corporate culture. Our target values are:


We openly and actively engage and co-create with all our stakeholders: our customers, suppliers, employees and all other business partners. We are committed to an honest and fair relationship with them, which is a fundamental guiding principle of our work. We strive to work in partnership with them over the long term, fostering a team spirit and actively ensuring that our communication is transparent and professional. We are excited by the challenges our customers present to us and are committed to finding the best solutions for the common good, thus successfully fulfilling our mission.


In our day-to-day operations, we pursue a high level of respect for all our stakeholders, which is reflected in our actions towards our employees, customers and other key business partners. We treat our colleagues and our business partners as we would want them to treat us. We respect their knowledge, experience and diversity, and encourage their satisfaction and commitment through good and respectful relationships.

Care for the environment

Radical changes in the way we work, live and do business are happening at an accelerated pace and will continue to do so in the future. That's why we are development- and sustainability-oriented, with future generations in mind. In our operations, we take into account all three aspects of sustainable business: economic, environmental and social. In this regard, in addition to long-term successful and efficient operations, we place particular emphasis on reducing negative environmental impacts, interacting with and involving stakeholders in the company's sustainable operations, and ensuring a safe and healthy working environment, while strictly adhering to external and internal rules, standards and regulations.


We work to foster mutual trust between all key stakeholders and actively build partnerships with them. We work to foster mutual trust between all key stakeholders and actively build partnerships with them. We are aware that we are co-responsible at every moment for the long-term success and smooth running of the company, and we adhere to our agreements in our day-to-day work and in all company processes. We strive to exceed the expectations of our business partners, to be responsive to their needs and to actively ensure that commitments and agreements are implemented on time and to a high standard - we are a reliable business partner.


Excellence in all aspects is the nature of our work. We strive to develop ever higher quality products and solutions, and to continuously progress and improve. That is why we encourage and value innovation, creativity, originality, courage, determination and total commitment to our customers. We encourage and continuously develop innovative approaches in our business and systematically strengthen the competence of our employees. We recognise that this is the only way to create innovative solutions with a high level of added value for our customers, our employees, our company and the wider business environment.