Cash management safes

(Geld Management Tresore)

PRIMAT keeps pace with developments and customer needs. In the past, it was only ATMs that allowed easier cash handling and direct self-service withdrawal. Today, the functionality of the various cash handling devices is evolving rapidly, with new devices being developed that were once unknown. They all have in common that they manage cash, but the fields of application have expanded considerably. Today, such devices are no longer just about banking and banking customers. The range of users has expanded considerably, from retailers, logistics companies to the gaming industry and tourism.

New ideas and new needs give birth to new products. PRIMAT has extensive experience in the development of secure, certified safes that customers integrate into their final products. No matter how challenging or unusual the request, Primat can make it happen.

We work together from the start to find solutions for our clients. We help with the design and the idea, we build the prototype, we take care of the certification according to the European standard EN 1143-1 or SIST 1143-1 in different security levels, and we ensure high-quality production and regular delivery.

There is a growing demand in this area and our certified safes are already an integral part of many cash management devices.

Let the PRIMAT solution be part of your success.

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