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Servicing of safes and security furniture when you need it. We carry out all maintenance and servicing both during the product warranty and after the warranty period.

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Servicing of safes
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High-quality and professional servicing

Since 1901, Primat has been servicing various security products in accordance with the requirements of certification bodies and the rules of the trade.
As a producer with a long  history and great  experience we can provide optimized service and preservation of all the basic features of the original product. 
Our expertise and extensive experience enable us to service a wide range of security furniture from different manufacturers.
VdS plate

Servicing of Vds-certified products

Certified products can only be serviced by technicians authorised by the manufacturer of the certified products.

The VdS certificate will lose its validity if the safe is modified by a foreign company or by the customer. In addition, the choice of an unsuitable repairer may jeopardise the insurance of the safe.

Learn more about servicing of Vds-certified products