ProPlus models


Choose ProPlus safes with security level 3.

They are manufactured in accordance with the European burglar resistance standard CEN-EN 1143-1 and the Slovenian standard SIST 1143-1.

ProPlus safes

Features of ProPlus safes

  • Three-way locking mechanism with solid round bolts 40 mm in diameter.
  • An overhanging bar on the hinge side provides additional security for the safe.
  • The joint between the door and the casing is fitted with insulating tape to protect against flame, smoke, gas and dust.
  • The anchoring preparation is designed as standard to allow the installation of a tear sensor.
  • Shelves are adjustable in height every 50 mm.
  • The solid hinges allow the door to open up to 205°.
  • The DIN 821-D1-80 (b1=75 mm) binders allow for a good and transparent filling of the safe.
  • Colour: RAL 7035 – light gray
Three-way locking mechanism
Three-way locking mechanism - all 3/N models
Burglar resistance 80/120 RU
Burglar resistance 80/120 RU
(RU = resistance grade for partial/complete penetration).
Insurance cover in case of burglary
Insurance cover in case of burglary:
EUR 100,000 - without alarm device
EUR 200,000 - with alarm device

ProPlus safe models and dimensions





*The outer depth can be increased by up to 45 mm for a selection of different locks.
** Double-leaf door version.


Selection of locks for ProPlus safes

Lock type
(1x level B according to EN 1300)
Key lock Standard
Key lock + mechanical combination lock On request (surcharge)
Key lock + electronic combination lock On request (surcharge)
Mechanical combination lock On request (surcharge)
Electronic combination lock On request (surcharge)

Whole list of locks

Accessories for ProPlus safes

Type of accessory Availability
Hole in the bottom for anchoring Standard
Pre-preparation for anchoring in the wall Standard
Pre-installation for burglar alarm system Standard
Seal in the door jamb Standard
Shelf On request (surcharge)
Buit-in vault 180 mm high On request (surcharge)
Built-in vault 360 mm high On request (surcharge)*
Left version On request (surcharge)
Special shade of colour On request (surcharge)
Interior lighting On request (surcharge)

*Does not apply to models ProPlus 3070/N, 3560/N and 3820/N.

Whole list of accessories
Burglar alarm device
We offer the possibility of installing burglar alarms.
See "Burglar alarm devices".