Product certificates

Safety equipment testing in the past

Throughout the history of safe manufacturing, manufacturers have often claimed that their products are absolutely safe from burglary and fire. They have designed and manufactured the products, but they have not tested them. Unfortunately, too many times their promises have proved to be empty.

The offending party has always had a theoretical idea of a burglary, and then tested it more or less successfully in the real world. It is only in more recent times that manufacturers, mainly under pressure from insurers and users, have started to systematically test their products. The system for testing and verifying burglar or fire protection quality has been added to and improved over the years.

Safety equipment testing today

Today, burglar testing means that experts from a specialised testing laboratory break into a test sample under near-realistic conditions. In doing so, the testers have more time, better organisation, better burglary devices and tools, and better product knowledge than the offending party.

An anti-burglary product certificate is an acknowledgement that the manufacturer of a product has sufficient experienced personnel, knowledge and equipment, that it has internal quality checks and that its production system is subject to external inspections and verifications.

Testing of Primat safety equipment

At Primat, we test and certify our products with top testing and certification bodies. There is no such thing as absolute safety, but we dare to say that our safety equipment products are among the best in Europe and the world.

ISO system certificates

PRIMAT d.d. operates in accordance with the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (since 1995)
  • ISO 14001:2015 (since 2005)

Certificates for Primat vault rooms