Pro models


Choose Pro safes with security level 2.

They are manufactured in accordance with the European burglar resistance standard CEN-EN 1143-1 and the Slovenian standard SIST 1143-1.

Pro safes

Features of Pro safes

  • Three-way locking mechanism with 40x10 mm flat latches in all models.
  • An overhanging bar on the hinge side provides additional security for the safe.
  • The joint between the door and the casing is fitted with insulating tape to protect against flame, smoke, gas and dust.
  • The anchoring preparation is designed as standard to allow the installation of a tear sensor.
  • Shelves are adjustable in height every 50 mm.
  • Solid hinges allow the door to open up to 205°.
  • The DIN 821-D1-80 (b1=75 mm) binders allow for a good and transparent filling of the safe.
  • Colour: RAL 7035 – light grey
Three-way locking mechanism
Three-way locking mechanism - all 2/N models
Burglar resistance 30/80 RU
Burglar resistance 30/80 RU
(RU = resistance grade for partial/complete penetration).
Insurance cover in case of burglary
Insurance cover in case of burglary:
EUR 50,000 - without alarm device
EUR 100,000 - with alarm device

Models and dimensions of Pro safes





* Due to the selection of different locks, the external depth can be increased up to 45 mm.
** Double-leaf door version.

IMPORTANT: If you want your Pro safe to be built-in (not free-standing), an additional 5 mm of height must be taken into account during installation.


Selection of locks for Pro safes

Lock type
(1x level A according to EN 1300)
Key lock Standard
Key lock + mechanical combination lock On request (surcharge)*
Key lock + electronic combination lock On request (surcharge)*
Mechanical combination lock On request (surcharge)
Electronic combination lock On request (surcharge)

* Does not apply to the Pro 2040/N model.

Whole list of locks

Accessories for Pro safes

Type of accessory Availability
Hole in the bottom for anchoring Standard
Pre-preparation for anchoring in the wall Standard
Pre-installation for burglar alarm system On request (surcharge)*
Seal in the door jamb Standard
Shelf On request (surcharge)
Buit-in vault 180 mm high On request (surcharge)**
Built-in vault 360 mm high On request (surcharge)***
Left version On request (surcharge)
Special shade of colour On request (surcharge)
Interior lighting On request (surcharge)

*Does not apply to the Pro 2040/N model.
**Does not apply to the Pro 2040/N model.
***Does not apply to models Pro 2040/N, 2070/N, 2580/N in 2845/N.

Whole list of accessories
Burglar alarm device
We offer the possibility of installing burglar alarms.
See "Burglar alarm devices".