Information on insurance values

Recommendations and minimum technical conditions for burglary insurance.

In December 2007, the Slovenian Insurance Association adopted the Minimum Technical Conditions and Recommendations for Underwriting Burglary Insurance. These conditions also include the division of containers according to security classes in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1.

For each security level, a maximum security load is defined in case the room is additionally protected by an electronic alarm device or not.

The security load means the maximum amount [in EUR] for which insurers take out burglary insurance by security class, or the maximum amount [in EUR] that insurers pay out in the event of a burglary when burglary insurance is taken out.

Burglar-resistant classes of containers Maximum security load in EUR
(in accordance with EN 1143-1) Without alarm device With alarm device
S1 5,000 by agreement
S2 8,000 by agreement
L - for ATM cash registers 7,000 14,000
N 10,000 20,000
I 20,000 40,000
II 50,000 100,000
III 100,000 200,000
IV 150,000 300,000
V 250,000 500,000
VI 375,000 750,000
VII 500,000 1,000,000
VIII 750,000 1,500,000
IX 1,000,000 3,000,000
X 1,000,000 4,000,000
XI 1,000,000 5,000,000
XII 1,000,000 10,000,000
XIII over 1,000,000 over 10,000,000