Daily vault room doors

Daily grille vault doors provide protection against unauthorised daytime entries when the main vault door is open.

Characteristics of daily doors

Daily doors are laser-cut from a single sheet of steel with additional reinforcing profiles. Standard dimensions are 1,895 mm x 890 mm, with a weight of approx. 60 kg, but we can adapt the door dimensions to your needs.

You can also choose the design of your daily doors. There are many different cut-outs available, from standard geometric shapes to various abstract shapes. In addition, your logo can be added to the door. For the safety of users, you should avoid choosing small patterns and cut-outs with sharp edges.

The daily doors are painted in the standard RAL 7035 colour, but can also be painted in different RAL colours on request.

Locking of daily doors

The standard locking system is a cylindrical lock with a handle on both sides, but daily doors can also be fitted with other types of handles, such as a button or hook on one side and a keyhole on the other. An electronic latch release option is available on request.

Installation of daily doors

Three fixing points are welded to the frame of the vault door, on which the daily door is mounted. Two of the points are for the hinges and one point is for the latch.

Daily vault room doors

Technical drawing of the daily vault room door