Safeguard the future on the tradition of the industry from Maribor.

Save your future.

Give your documents a safe place. A secure environment. Protect your property and leave nothing to chance.

Sefi Primat


Protect your valuable documents and items with certified safes.

Vault rooms and doors

Vault rooms and doors

A top-quality security room that protects and safeguards your property at the highest security levels.

Cabinets and racks

Cabinets and racks

Durable, low-maintenance cabinets for wardrobes, workers' lockers, filing cabinets and refractory cabinets.

B2B offer


Advanced smart product technology enabling new functionalities and applications.

We have been manufacturing security safes, vaults and doors, cabinets, racks and other metal products since 1901.

Trust our experience and protect your property.

Choose safety.

Our products meet high European standards, so they offer outstanding protection.

Insure your property

Take out insurance for the contents of your safe or cabinet with a commercial insurer.

Design the safe to your liking

Assemble and design the safety products you want with a wide range of models and accessories.

Primat safety products

Keep your items and documents safe in your home or business environment.

Choose a safe that will fit in perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your home or office. Available in different sizes and colours or textures.