Parcel machines

High-quality and robust products developed in collaboration with our Belgian partner, Mobile Locker.

In the production of the Primat parcel machines, Primat d.d. joined forces with its Belgian partner, Mobile Locker, which developed an efficient software solution and provides technical support for the operation of the entire system. Our many years of experience in the manufacture of metal products on the one hand, and Mobile Locker's excellent IT solutions on the other, have contributed to the development of a high-quality, technologically sophisticated and robust product - the Primat parcel machine, which is successfully marketed worldwide.

Primat parcel machine

Why choose Primat parcel machines?

In a highly competitive environment, retailers need to constantly look for innovative and modern ways to reach their customers. One of the ways is, of course, online sales, which is the easiest and most efficient way for retailers to keep up with competition and customer preferences. The question is, how can retailers deliver their products to customers in the simplest way? Retailers most often opt for delivery by courier. However, such delivery can be quite expensive and does not always guarantee success, as customers are often not at home. In this case, the customer is dissatisfied because he/she has to go to another collection point to collect the parcel. Primat parcel machines solve this problem!

Advantages of Primat parcel machines

The use of a parcel machine ensures a contactless handover process. Both collection and payment are fast, easy and without personal contact between buyer and seller.
The parcel machine is designed for outdoor installations and allows non-stop operation, i.e. 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This simplifies accessibility and increases traffic.
Parcel machines are technologically sophisticated. They are equipped with a touchscreen, QR code reader and payment terminal. They are connected to the electrical and internet networks.
Parcel machines are versatile. They are useful for retailers, in libraries for borrowing and returning books, at bus or train stations for temporary storage of luggage, etc.

Operation of Primat packet machines

  1. With the software application, you can control your parcel machine anytime, anywhere via your PC.
  2. You can process any order you receive in a few steps, make an announcement in the system, enter the customer's contact details and then simply place the ordered goods in the parcel machine where they will wait for collection.
  3. As soon as the goods are placed in the parcel machine, the customer will receive a notification of receipt of the parcel, a QR code and instructions for collection.
  4. It is quick and easy for the addressee to collect the parcel. He/she scans the received QR code at the parcel machine and the door to pick up the parcel will open automatically.
  5. If payment is required, the buyer can do so via the payment terminal on the parcel machine itself.
  6. The handover is thus successfully completed.

Parcel machines assembled to your specifications

Each parcel machine consists of modules with different locker sizes, equipped with electronic locks. When designing your parcel machine, you can choose from a variety of module types and build your own configuration to suit your needs. Each parcel machine can be expanded or reduced at a later date - modules can be added or removed.

You can see the different layout options in the photos. Check our solutions and we will be happy to prepare an offer for you.

Primat parcel machine
Primat parcel machine
Primat parcel machine
Primat parcel machine