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Top-quality safes manufactured in accordance with the European burglar resistance standard CEN-EN 1143-1.

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Safe in space
Choose safety. Primat safes meet high European standards. These products are our stars.
Insure your property. With certified safes, you can insure the contents of your safe with a commercial insurer.
Design the safe to your liking. Take advantage of a wide range of models and accessories.

Choose the rich tradition of safe and vault manufacture

Leave the security and safekeeping of your important valuables to a company that has been providing these products and services since 1901. Choose a wealth of intergenerational experience, enhanced by modern technology and developments.

Certified safes to extremely high standards

All safes and vaults are manufactured in accordance with high security standards and are certified by the German VdS.
All products are fitted with insulation tape to protect the interior against fire, smoke, gas and dust.
The anchoring preparation is designed as standard to allow the installation of a tear sensor.
You can choose from a wide range of locking options - from key locks to electronic locks.

Different designs and security levels of safes

Depending on your preferences and needs, choose quality Primat safes and safes in different sizes and security levels. The higher the security level, the higher the burglar resistance and therefore the higher the amount of insurance you take out with your insurer.

Insurance values List of safe deposit box models with dimensions
Safe in office

Versions of safes to suit your needs and preferences. Choose yours.

Burglary resistance grade S1Safes, Simple model group
Burglary resistance grade NSafes, Home model group
Burglary resistance grade 1Safes, Basic model group
Burglary resistance grade 2Safes, Pro model group
Burglary resistance grade 3Safes, ProPlus model group
Burglary resistance grade 4Safes, Premium model group
Burglary resistance grade 5Safes, Delux model group
Burglary resistance grade 1-4Safes, Deposit model group
1 and S1Keystar

Personalised safe. Unique. The safest piece of furniture in your room.

When aesthetics and safety come together.

Vaš sef prilagodimo in dekoriramo po vaših željah. Izberite teksturo, posebno poslikavo izpod rok umetnice Petrine Vake ali barvo, ki se bo brezhibno podala v vaš prostor.

Your safe can be customised and decorated to your liking. Choose a texture, a special painting by artist Petra Vaca, or a colour that will blend seamlessly into your space.

Check our range of personalised safes
Personalisation of safes

Accessories for safes

We can customise and upgrade your safes with optional extras such as movable shelves, interior lighting, pull-out drawers, Built-in vaults, etc. You can also choose to open the door on the left, select a special type of lock and much more.

The choice of accessories depends on the model and security level of the safe. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your choice.

Check additional offers for safes
Accessories for safes

Insurance cover in case of burglary

All Primat safes and vaults are made in accordance with the European burglar resistance standard EN 1143-1 or the Slovenian standard 1143-1. They have been awarded the German VdS certificate, which is shown on each product with a special plaque. This allows the contents of the safe to be insured against burglary by a commercial insurer.

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Insurance cover in case of burglary

Servicing of safes

Our professional technicians are specially trained to service certified safes and vaults. They carry out all maintenance and servicing work during and after the warranty period, ensuring all the basic features of the original product.

Delivery of safes

Your new safe is delivered free of charge to the address of your choice. Upon agreement, we will bring the safe into the room and anchor it into the floor or wall.

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